Coorg Pork Curry (Pandi Curry)

Coorg is a beautiful district in Karnataka also know as “the Scotland of India” with Coffee and rice as the main cultivation. In addition to these crops there are various spices like pepper corn, cardamom and others grown. The language spoken there is known as Kodava thak. Pork is the main Delicacy which is served in almost every occasion.


1 Kg Pork (2 Lbs)
1 tbs Chilly power
1tsp Turmeric power
1tsp Cummin Seeds (Jeera)
8-10 Small Onions or 2 big onions
10-15 cloves of Garlic
3-4 Green Chills
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
2 tbs Cummin Power
Vinegar or concentrated tamarind juice (or Kachampuli if you can get it)
Salt to taste

Wash the Pork couple of times, remove excess water. Marinate the pork for 10-15 minutes with salt, red chilly power, and turmeric. In the mean while blend the Onions, Green Chilles,Ginger and a little Cummin seeds. Now fry the Cummin Power until it turns almost black (but be careful not to burn it), add the mustard and the rest of the cummin seeds and fry for few minutes more.Now put the pork which was kept for marination in a pan and let it cook till the excess water is drained. Now add the mixture of Onions, Green Chills, ginger and Cummin seed and let it cook (stir as often as possible to avoid burning). After the pork is cooked, add the fried cummin power and cook for 5 minutes on low flame. Add the Vinegar and we are ready to go.

Serves 4-5 people


9 Responses to “Coorg Pork Curry (Pandi Curry)”

  1. Having eaten pandi in Coorg, I can heartily recomend it — especially to anyone who wonders whether they will enjoy pork curry — it’s delicious.
    I plan to try the recipe published here as soon as reasonably possible!

  2. Dr. Appaiah Says:

    I thought while frying the cummin seeds, we add along mustard seeds, pepper corns, clove and cinnamon. Then we powder this.

  3. Dr. Appaiah Says:

    Pandhi curry is an ultimate dish which anybody who has relished it will vouch for. It should be cooked with grandmas recipe served with a pinch of lime.

  4. Asha.M.P Says:

    I am surprised that you have not mentioned roasted peppercorns and corriander powder. These are regrettable omissions. This can totally change the taste and the flavour. The cinnamon and the cloves are not indispensable as the pandi curry has more country taste and can do well without these 2 spices.

  5. I know Pork curry is the famous dish in Coorg and very delicious. as i know visitors to coorg like to have this dish. thanks for sharing this information.

  6. I know Pork curry is the famous dish in Coorg and very delicious. as i know visitors to coorg like to have this dish. thanks for sharing this information.

  7. Winston D'Souza Says:

    This works best if you have a friend in Coorg who is kind enough to send you a regular supply of home made kachampuli. The Coorgis also sell the “almost burned and powdered” cuminseed in the form of a bottled powder. Get these two ingredients from Coorg itself, and you have a perfect pandi curry.

  8. Pandi curry tastes so good that everyone appreciated me after eating..please do kindly send more different types of pork recipes because everyone in my house loves eating pork..thanks a lot for the recipe

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